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“I look to the future because that’s where I’m going to spend the rest of my life.”

- George Burns, Actor 

You and Your Wealth Deserve a Personal CFO

Guiding You Towards Financial Freedom  

You’ve worked hard to earn and save. You want your money to reach its full potential and are looking for someone to spearhead the process. As your own CFO, we’ll help you blend all components of your finances, so you can spend less time thinking about your money and more time focusing on what brings your life meaning.

Pursuing Your Goals Through 360° Integration

North River Financial strives to assist you in ways that go beyond managing money. This is why your extended support team of financial, tax and legal planning professionals are our allies. Through integration, your support team can better lead you towards success.

The Process

North River Financial adheres to the CFP® Board’s financial planning process guideline.  Following these steps helps maintain a systematic process and can produce high quality results:

  • Understand the Intersection of Your Life & Your Finances
  • Identify Your Goals
  • Analyze Your Current Financial Landscape
  • Develop Recommendations
  • Present the Final Plan
  • Implement Plan
  • Monitor & Update as Necessary

Our Services Include

Investment Management

Based on your goals, we'll develop and manage a balanced portfolio according to your needs.

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Financial Planning

Together, we'll create a comprehensive financial plan to support your life vision.

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Seem Like We Can Meet Your Needs?

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